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ReArch 2009 (CoNEXT Workshop)

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Panel from Mark Handley

The data plane is well structured with the different layers of the OSI model. Comparatively, in the control plane, there are a lot of protocols but no structure. These protocols each solve a very specific issue. They do a good job about it but now is the time to take a step back.

The control plane protocols tend to solve three categories of problems:

  • congestion control
  • multi-homing
  • traffic engineering

Or problems resulting from the intersection of two of these categories.

In the presentation, Mark focusses on the intersection between congestion control and multi-homing. He proposes multi-path transport (multipath TCP) to solve this issue. For solving the congestion control and TE intersection problem, he proposes the re-ECN solution from BoB Briscoe.

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